Forever Resorts properties are available for Essential Services accommodation

by Forever Resorts South Africa on 26 May 2020

In support of providing safe accommodation options to essential service providers across South Africa, Forever Resorts have announced the launch of the #ForeverSafeStay programme.

All properties nationwide have adopted stringent operational processes with clinical levels of hygiene designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and provide support to essential and critical business continuity services.

The team at Forever Resorts have focused on developing the next level of hospitality cleanliness protocols at all properties with the singular goal to provide our valued guests, employees and business partners with the assurance that health and safety is our priority within the new COVID-19 environment.

The #ForeverSafeStay programme also aims to prioritise a positive customer experience, offering genuine care and providing our valued guests with peace of mind when selecting a safe destination once future domestic travel may resume under these strict guidelines and protocols. We are also confident that our accommodation configuration options at resorts are ideal to support social distancing when it's time for South Africa to travel again.

Forever Resorts have a renowned standard for excellence in hospitality and will ensure continuation of this high standard, building upon the strong foundation of trust and confidence that we have established through decades of operation.

The following protocol is mandatory according to Government regulations and must be strictly adhered to when requesting essential service accommodation at our various properties.

Essential Service guests must strictly comply with the following regulations and provide below documentation upon check-in at property:

  • CIPC Certificate confirming that organisation is an essential service.
  • Permit to travel as per the Disaster Management Act - Movement of persons 16(2)(b) and 28(4).
  • Valid ID of essential worker/s who seek accommodation.
  • Temperature screening of guests are conducted upon arrival, and guests are required to complete screening questionnaires before check-in.
  • Guests with a temperature exceeding 37.5 degrees Celsius or display symptoms of infection will be not be allowed to check-in and will be referred to a medical facility as specified by the NICD.
  • Mandatory use of masks for all visitors and staff entering the premises.

We are not permitted to check in any guests without valid documentation. We therefore request all essential services guests to please take careful note of the required documentation and observe the safety and hygiene protocols at our properties upon arrival and during stay.

Health and safety is our primary concern and each of our properties has undertaken the #ForeverSafeStay pledge providing guests and staff with the assurance that each property will continue to follow stringent operational, hygiene and security processes to continue providing a professional, hygienic and safe environment for all.

The team at Forever Resorts would like to thank all our valued guests and business partners for their continued support during these unprecedented times; we look forward to reuniting with each of you.

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