10 things for your family to do indoors

by Forever Resorts South Africa on 27 March 2020

With schools already closed and the national lockdown in effect for the next 21 days, Forever Resorts SA has come up with a list of 10 family friendly activities for the next few weeks.

The #TogetherFOREVER campaign has sparked unity across the Forever group, made up of staff, valued guests, suppliers and all the people of South Africa. Here are some fun activities to try while staying in with the family:

1. Team up and play some board games.

2. Play dress up, become a princess, a ranger, a doctor; let your imagination dress you.

3. Let your creativity run wild and have a mini family photo shoot.

4. Challenge one another for the title of Hide and Seek champion.

5. Make time to exercise and keep physically fit during the lockdown.

6. Let the kids choose a book to read to the parents.

7. Catch up on chores and create a reward system for getting them done.

8. Schedule video calls with family and friends, or arrange a virtual kids play date.

9. Build a fort and make one day a week, a Pyjama day.

10. Make time for a movie night a watch some family favourites.