10 activities for you to do during lockdown

by Forever Resorts South Africa on 1 April 2020

During the lockdown, many of us will be isolated and our routines will be disrupted. Time at home may sound great but boredom can quickly come knocking. As part of the #TogetherFOREVER campaign of Forever Resorts SA, we are suggesting various activities; the following activities are specifically focused on you, the individual:

1. Obviously, our first suggestion is Netflix and Chill. Watch that movie you've been putting off or binge on your favourite series, this is the time to be a loud and proud couch potato.

2. Find a home workout routine you will enjoy and schedule a specific time that you're going to spend on your fitness.

3. Get yourself comfortable and grab a book that you haven't had a chance to finish, or start a new book.

4. Take all of your old magazines and use their pictures to create a vision board for yourself, let your board reflect your hopes, dreams, aspirations and goals.

5. Schedule time to video call with your loved ones.

6. Invest in your future and take an online course.

7. Treat yourself to an at home pamper session and put your feet up.

8. Declutter your cupboards and wardrobes.

9. Because you'll be spending a lot of time indoors, plant some flowers, fruit and vegetables.

10. Make a list of the places you have already explored, then, make a list of places you would still like to explore and add some photos for inspiration.