10 activities for the kids to do during lockdown

by Forever Resorts South Africa on 30 March 2020

As schools closed early these holidays, keeping the kids busy with exciting activities can become difficult. However, as part of the #TogetherFOREVER campaign, Forever Resorts SA suggests the following activities to keeps the little people entertained:

1. Encourage kids to participate when making meals, flapjacks, cookies, cake, salads and smoothies.

2. Let the kids write and create a play for the whole family to participate in, and consider inviting family to join in via video call for the performance.

3. Let the kids build a fort in a common room using sheets and blankets, make this the kids only fort.

4. Get the kids to enjoy a physical activity like Yoga, we suggest channels like Cosmic Kids Yoga.

5. Get crafty and hide treasures around the house, a treasure hunt will keep them exploring.

6. Keep the kids active by having competitions, like a dance off with some upbeat music.

7. If the kids' books are limited, let them listen to new books online, we suggest platforms like Storyline Online.

8. Teach the kids how to meditate or consider a pamper session to wind down and relax.

9. Let the children go through their toys and bag toys they no longer use or want, and donate them when the lockdown concludes.

10. Take time for arts and crafts, consider reusing some items lying around like boxes and toilet paper rolls, we suggest having a look at some of the ideas on Happiness is Homemade.